Projects Details


SNJ ROCK SUZUKI is owned by SNJ AUTOMOBILES PRIVATE LIMITED which is an authorized dealer of Suzuki Motorcycle India, Private Limited (SMI). Dealing in a wide variety of two wheelers that deliver the best customer experience, their business is to provide quality two wheelers which include the likes of sports bikes, touring bikes, adventure bikes & standard bikes.


SNJ ROCK SUZUKI approached us about their Website Design & Logo Design requirement. The challenging task was to creatively develop a website that generates and maintains customer interest as well as drives sales & enquiries for the client. An in-depth research was needed to implement this website idea and optimize it as per client’s demands. The logo needed was to look a minimalistic update in addition to the existing Suzuki logo.



We as a team put the best of our creativity to effectively develop the website for SNJ ROCK SUZUKI and help them get an online presence. We researched several models of bikes in various categories displaying from available models to upcoming models from Suzuki on this website. The logo was made simple but impressive for the website viewers who are also potential customers.


The site we built is responsive, which means it looks good on any device, whether it is a PC, laptop, tablet or a smartphone. We designed several banners, added catchy content and made it as simple, informative & user-friendly as possible. The logo design part was done just according to the client’s demands, simple in design but which directly conveys the idea and purpose to the audience.

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